Sunday, August 17, 2008

Questions of Critics- Answers of zazo

After more than 40 interviews, articles, stories and reviews OrkutHeroes has completed it’s more than 6 months live on World Wide Web successfully. Claiming to be one of the most unique social media blog dedicatedly featuring some outstanding and completely exceptional individual personalities of popular social networking site OrkutHeroes is moving fast to its goal leaving all critics remarks untrue and gathering support and popularity among hundreds of orkut users.

At this time I once again came up to answer all those who still have confusion and made OrkutHeroes a topic of gossips in different orkut communities. The question which is most commonly raised on different times when I featured some people on OrkutHeroes which makes other’s raised there eyebrows in questions about those individuals and me “Why they are featured?” “What made them an Orkut Hero?” or “ How zazo decided them to featured?” Then give me a chance to open up myself in front of everyone. Firstly, OrkutHeroes is an independent blog gave full rights to the owner to do whatever he wants to do or make his blog. However, I do care and know my responsibilities to feature such people who can positively inspire and motivate others, but that doesn’t mean that the one I think as a hero can be same as what you think, right? It’s not necessary that 2 people can think same in terms of judging other. My main and only aim is to show this world and media who projected social networking as a disaster among young internet savvies, completely untrue. Orkut in other way is place to have fun, meeting friends or just freaking out but for some it’s not just another hanging out virtual home but more than that. These people gave there time, knowledge and helped many by there talent, leadership and friendly nature to build a community inside a community.

I never took any interview of any individual’s own request nor will I do that in future, I only took support from my network of friends and contributors of OrkutHeroes to get right person to be featured on, I admit that I still undiscovered many real talents and real heroes who deserve best to get this small honor but I am trying my best to reach to them and sometimes I do work hard above my limits. I was disappointed by the reaction of Piyush Shekhar’s interview because only 1 person objected me and started a thread on one popular community of orkut questioning me on my work, then my answer to that person is that Piyush was not discovered by me directly but one orkut user who is also featured on named Piyush for the next deserved person on OrkutHeroes, I trust every OrkutHeroes featured person because of there talent and high respect they got from others so I started talking with Piyush but never invited him till I myself felt that Piyush really deserved.

If you really have respect and love for and wants to help me in that case I always need help and support and every time I requested orkut users to help me in getting real heroes, don’t I? I hope it’s enough to make many things clear now and if still something left then mail me or scrap me and I will try my best to answer you but don’t start publicizing in other’s community.

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