Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Join the crew of orkutheroes

I got the trust and love from many orkuteers and members of my community Orkut's Hall of Fame, the growing numbers of members and there interviews is a proof, I am also thankful to those orkut members who dont want to disclose there names here but they supported me in my every step with providing me the contacts of those real heroes who are featured on, helped me in making of and advising me for every step i made to come up.
Now, I want to involve dedicated people from orkut who can help me as a team for the blog For that i made some job profiles and description and whoever are interested in giving there small amount of time in this work of mine where i feature some real life heroes and project them to the whole world through the medium of internet than you are welcome to join the Crew of Orkutheroes

1.Authors& Bloggers: If you have good writing skills, knowledge of english and dedication you can be an author of, you work will be writing articles & writing real life stories of people on orkut.

2.Moderators: This work is more than what a normal moderation work, you need to take interviews of people who are invited on orkut's hall of fame. For this you need to be polite, educated, knowledgeable, passion to learn, leadership quality, professional and dedicated.

3.Promoters: If you are a community owner on orkut and have more than one community than you are requested to put the link of on your community profile, if you are active in forums outside orkut than please put the link of under your signature.

4. Web/Blog Designer/Developer: Perfection in php, javascript and wordpress blog(1st preference), We need to keep our blog updated with new features and latest version of WP.

5.Media Personality: Please help us in spreading those interviews which are useful for students to read, which are useful for the society and can make someone inspired and motivated by your medium of network.Your attempt will make people aware of many things like education and knowledge, positive social networking, carrier, jobs etc.

For every posts mention above you will get more detail if you get in touch with not by scrapping me on orkut but by mailing me on

All the post are non payable and only for those who are ready to work as a

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