Monday, April 21, 2008

Orkut's Hall of Fame Rules and Guidelines

After completing more than 15 interviews and being on orkut for more than 1 month i realized that i should put some rules and guideline for members and guests of Orkut's Hall of Fame to clear confusion or any misconception you have regarding the activities of Orkut's hall of fame.

Please read carefully

Rules for the Members of Orkut's Hall of Fame:
  • Don't start a new thread if you are not intended to start an interview
  • Members who are featured in Orkut Heroes Blog are only allowed to start an interview.
  • Please don't give comments or questions in between the interview session if the question is not asked to you or you are not authorized to answer it.
  • Please don't scrap/message to the owner or moderator to start your interview, this could be unimpressive and could make you down probably.
  • The interview thread will be closed or deleted if the member is not contributing from more than 15 days without giving the reason of not attending interview.
Rule for those orkut members who want to join Orkut's hall of Fame
  • You need a reference of an existing member who is already interviewed and featured in Orkut Heros Blog. Scrap the owner about your reference than click "JOIN" we will cross check and decide to allow new members.
Let me clear the fact that whom we choose for an interview and whom we don't.
  • We choose those members who are dedicatedly giving there time and attempt to make communities meaningful, beautiful, clean and informative for others.
  • We choose those who are extra ordinary talented in there respective field or hobby be it education, information, entertainment., technical, sports, social work, health etc. we are not interested in communities dedicated to your favourite movie star or your favourite hangouts, restaurants, clubs or coffee shop etc.
  • We choose those respected moderators of different communities who are giving there time and support to the members of there communities by there knowledge and experience.
  • We are not interested that how many communities or community you own, either 100 or 10. Even you own 1 community with small numbers of member but its giving something helpful and informative than you could be the one in our choice.
  • We dont make heroes, nor we give popularity or fame. Orkut's Hall of Fame is a honor to those respected individuals who are interviewed on our community, popularity follows automatically when they receive honor.
I hope that above list of rules and guidelines will help clearing doubts and myths about Orkut's Hall of Fame one of the respected community of orkut, and i also hope that both guests and members will respect the rules because whatever I am doing I am doing for the good of society and people or, even if you are not members of Orkut's Hall of Fame you can be the part of it by providing me the links of those whom i didn't noticed and they deserved to get honored.

Thanks for all co-operation and support!
Yours sincerely,

Monday, April 7, 2008

zazo, Whats in this name?

Many times people asked me about my nick name "zazo" what is zazo? what it means? and why not zaheer?. though I like to be a mysterious man but no more after getting involved in social groups and making relationships online for business and other professional reasons.

zazo came into the existence 8 years back when i was new to internet and started chatting on yahoo messenger, i got one friend from Iraq who could not pronounce my name Zaheer and gave me a nick name zizao which altered and became zazo. My that friend shared a very emotional and strong relationship with me and I lost her since Iraq was invaded, hope she would be safe. This is one more reason i want to keep this name alive which will always make me remember her.

Other reason is that zazo is a short, catchy and name which can be easily remember and in most of the websites im registered i use only this name, if i dont get than zack is my second nick name and if not zack than simply Zaheer.

Days before when i purchased a domain i asked my sister to find an abrivation which suited me and in secs she came up with ZAZO(Zaheer Abbas Zooming Out) :) lol
so , i gave 3 reasons for my small sweer nick zazo!

on my next post i'll disclose why i write always in small letters "zazo"

Sunday, April 6, 2008 and orkutheroes is waste of time?

If you think like this than i will not say "no you are wrong, its not waste of time" I will say ok, it can be true for you because of your thoughts, your priorities and your aim to use internet is not getting completed by using and when you dont like then for you orkut heroes and zazo are bullshit! Thanks a lot!

Social networking doesn't mean to visit all girl's profile ask her "hii, i want to make friendship" "hey! your pic is sexy"
Social networking is to build a healthy relation and strong community of like minded people by meeting online at one place and sharing and discussing ideas and knowledge, this what i understand from social networking( I didnt checked what wikipidea said), and its nature of human being that he is the most unsatisfied living being of the world , even if you give the most desirable thing still you cannot satisfied a human being. Orkut has his own pros and cons and i am not here to review but to make people understand the importance and way of using social network. So if you still think that its all a bull shit than never mind just forget it and dont give trouble typing my website's URL. I dont need your comments and remarks because im a tough ass who do whatever he thinks.

Lastly from the side of orkut heroes i would like to add that orkut heroes is dedicated to people who made social networking meaningful, people who did something for mass and those people who are not celebrity by money, power and material but celebrity by character, soul and heart.

You came from

Orkut's Hall of fame and Orkut Heroes are both brothers, one work inside orkut for orkuteers and other do his part of job outside orkut, If you think that why zazo do all this? why he promote/ popularize or make heroes? what he gets by doing all this? is he a maniac or a crazy?

Then read this carefully

I don't make heroes, nor i make anyone popular nor i am a maniac but yeah i am crazy. My craziness to do something different, my craziness to do something good for society and humanity. I do only one thing I search for people who really deserve to be interviewed, those who really did something great and helpful for others and those who changed the thoughts of people to some extent, i find such people and talk with them and rest they do there publicity themselves, there work, there abilities, talents and courage make them stand in the row of winners and I become just a medium to spread there works and words through "orkut's hall of fame" and "orkutheroes".

Why I choose social networking site and why only
I am registered in almost every social networking sites of the world, I am also registered in more than 100 forum communities all over the globe and i actively participated in many social networking sites, orkut when i hear for first time 2-3 years back i used it to promote my web forums and then i stopped coming to orkut( gone busy with personal life), after returning back with the same reason i saw different communities and felt somthing is going inside orkut, the members of orkut are not only members but are strong community in all which is strong, loving and friendly and the members of orkut are doing some great job in making social networking more meaningful,( I am not talking about those porn lovers, girl crazy orkuteers). That was enough to make my mind think something like "orkut's hall of fame" or "orkut heroes". Started with live interview on G Talk i changed it later to forum interview on community itself for security reasons and more easy navigation.

My Biography- Family, Childhood etc.

I am Zaheer Abbas came to this world on 14th of May 1981 in Udaipur a small and beautiful city of Rajasthan, My mother who is a teacher is on job before my birth and now she completed her 35 years serving and trying her best in making future of students and i think she succeeded too. My father who is no more in this world left us on 12th march 1992 was a businessman and he was the person who taught me life though i came to know when i completed 20 years of my life.I have a beautiful and sweet little sister who is 6 years younger than me and she is more like a daughter to me because she was too small when my dad left this world. My mother is my idol, my love and my best friend in this world, I am having a loving, caring and supportive wife too...yeah! i am married.

My childhood was tough and i was not like an other same aged children and friends of mine, i started seeing the black side of the world very early when most of the children are busy in playing and studying that time i was busy in fighting with my situations with my mother, all thanks to Almighty who gave me such a great mother. As a student i was not a scholar but still completed my school from St.Pauls Udaipur and then from Delhi by giving open exams.

I lived 7 years in Mumbai India, Mumbai played a major role in my life, i saw some pure black and pure white side of life( I am not grey like person) and learned a lot from Mumbai, that city will remain in my heart always and i will come again and again to give my best regards to Mumbai.