Monday, April 7, 2008

zazo, Whats in this name?

Many times people asked me about my nick name "zazo" what is zazo? what it means? and why not zaheer?. though I like to be a mysterious man but no more after getting involved in social groups and making relationships online for business and other professional reasons.

zazo came into the existence 8 years back when i was new to internet and started chatting on yahoo messenger, i got one friend from Iraq who could not pronounce my name Zaheer and gave me a nick name zizao which altered and became zazo. My that friend shared a very emotional and strong relationship with me and I lost her since Iraq was invaded, hope she would be safe. This is one more reason i want to keep this name alive which will always make me remember her.

Other reason is that zazo is a short, catchy and name which can be easily remember and in most of the websites im registered i use only this name, if i dont get than zack is my second nick name and if not zack than simply Zaheer.

Days before when i purchased a domain i asked my sister to find an abrivation which suited me and in secs she came up with ZAZO(Zaheer Abbas Zooming Out) :) lol
so , i gave 3 reasons for my small sweer nick zazo!

on my next post i'll disclose why i write always in small letters "zazo"

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