Sunday, April 6, 2008 and orkutheroes is waste of time?

If you think like this than i will not say "no you are wrong, its not waste of time" I will say ok, it can be true for you because of your thoughts, your priorities and your aim to use internet is not getting completed by using and when you dont like then for you orkut heroes and zazo are bullshit! Thanks a lot!

Social networking doesn't mean to visit all girl's profile ask her "hii, i want to make friendship" "hey! your pic is sexy"
Social networking is to build a healthy relation and strong community of like minded people by meeting online at one place and sharing and discussing ideas and knowledge, this what i understand from social networking( I didnt checked what wikipidea said), and its nature of human being that he is the most unsatisfied living being of the world , even if you give the most desirable thing still you cannot satisfied a human being. Orkut has his own pros and cons and i am not here to review but to make people understand the importance and way of using social network. So if you still think that its all a bull shit than never mind just forget it and dont give trouble typing my website's URL. I dont need your comments and remarks because im a tough ass who do whatever he thinks.

Lastly from the side of orkut heroes i would like to add that orkut heroes is dedicated to people who made social networking meaningful, people who did something for mass and those people who are not celebrity by money, power and material but celebrity by character, soul and heart.

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