Sunday, April 6, 2008

You came from

Orkut's Hall of fame and Orkut Heroes are both brothers, one work inside orkut for orkuteers and other do his part of job outside orkut, If you think that why zazo do all this? why he promote/ popularize or make heroes? what he gets by doing all this? is he a maniac or a crazy?

Then read this carefully

I don't make heroes, nor i make anyone popular nor i am a maniac but yeah i am crazy. My craziness to do something different, my craziness to do something good for society and humanity. I do only one thing I search for people who really deserve to be interviewed, those who really did something great and helpful for others and those who changed the thoughts of people to some extent, i find such people and talk with them and rest they do there publicity themselves, there work, there abilities, talents and courage make them stand in the row of winners and I become just a medium to spread there works and words through "orkut's hall of fame" and "orkutheroes".

Why I choose social networking site and why only
I am registered in almost every social networking sites of the world, I am also registered in more than 100 forum communities all over the globe and i actively participated in many social networking sites, orkut when i hear for first time 2-3 years back i used it to promote my web forums and then i stopped coming to orkut( gone busy with personal life), after returning back with the same reason i saw different communities and felt somthing is going inside orkut, the members of orkut are not only members but are strong community in all which is strong, loving and friendly and the members of orkut are doing some great job in making social networking more meaningful,( I am not talking about those porn lovers, girl crazy orkuteers). That was enough to make my mind think something like "orkut's hall of fame" or "orkut heroes". Started with live interview on G Talk i changed it later to forum interview on community itself for security reasons and more easy navigation.

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