Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Biography- Family, Childhood etc.

I am Zaheer Abbas came to this world on 14th of May 1981 in Udaipur a small and beautiful city of Rajasthan, My mother who is a teacher is on job before my birth and now she completed her 35 years serving and trying her best in making future of students and i think she succeeded too. My father who is no more in this world left us on 12th march 1992 was a businessman and he was the person who taught me life though i came to know when i completed 20 years of my life.I have a beautiful and sweet little sister who is 6 years younger than me and she is more like a daughter to me because she was too small when my dad left this world. My mother is my idol, my love and my best friend in this world, I am having a loving, caring and supportive wife too...yeah! i am married.

My childhood was tough and i was not like an other same aged children and friends of mine, i started seeing the black side of the world very early when most of the children are busy in playing and studying that time i was busy in fighting with my situations with my mother, all thanks to Almighty who gave me such a great mother. As a student i was not a scholar but still completed my school from St.Pauls Udaipur and then from Delhi by giving open exams.

I lived 7 years in Mumbai India, Mumbai played a major role in my life, i saw some pure black and pure white side of life( I am not grey like person) and learned a lot from Mumbai, that city will remain in my heart always and i will come again and again to give my best regards to Mumbai.

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a gem of a person !!!!!!11