Monday, April 21, 2008

Orkut's Hall of Fame Rules and Guidelines

After completing more than 15 interviews and being on orkut for more than 1 month i realized that i should put some rules and guideline for members and guests of Orkut's Hall of Fame to clear confusion or any misconception you have regarding the activities of Orkut's hall of fame.

Please read carefully

Rules for the Members of Orkut's Hall of Fame:
  • Don't start a new thread if you are not intended to start an interview
  • Members who are featured in Orkut Heroes Blog are only allowed to start an interview.
  • Please don't give comments or questions in between the interview session if the question is not asked to you or you are not authorized to answer it.
  • Please don't scrap/message to the owner or moderator to start your interview, this could be unimpressive and could make you down probably.
  • The interview thread will be closed or deleted if the member is not contributing from more than 15 days without giving the reason of not attending interview.
Rule for those orkut members who want to join Orkut's hall of Fame
  • You need a reference of an existing member who is already interviewed and featured in Orkut Heros Blog. Scrap the owner about your reference than click "JOIN" we will cross check and decide to allow new members.
Let me clear the fact that whom we choose for an interview and whom we don't.
  • We choose those members who are dedicatedly giving there time and attempt to make communities meaningful, beautiful, clean and informative for others.
  • We choose those who are extra ordinary talented in there respective field or hobby be it education, information, entertainment., technical, sports, social work, health etc. we are not interested in communities dedicated to your favourite movie star or your favourite hangouts, restaurants, clubs or coffee shop etc.
  • We choose those respected moderators of different communities who are giving there time and support to the members of there communities by there knowledge and experience.
  • We are not interested that how many communities or community you own, either 100 or 10. Even you own 1 community with small numbers of member but its giving something helpful and informative than you could be the one in our choice.
  • We dont make heroes, nor we give popularity or fame. Orkut's Hall of Fame is a honor to those respected individuals who are interviewed on our community, popularity follows automatically when they receive honor.
I hope that above list of rules and guidelines will help clearing doubts and myths about Orkut's Hall of Fame one of the respected community of orkut, and i also hope that both guests and members will respect the rules because whatever I am doing I am doing for the good of society and people or, even if you are not members of Orkut's Hall of Fame you can be the part of it by providing me the links of those whom i didn't noticed and they deserved to get honored.

Thanks for all co-operation and support!
Yours sincerely,

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Ethan Hunt said...

Dude Do something for the real unsung heros .... might that will solve the actual purpose of your time ... may this can help you .. otherwise ..enjoy .. I don't write my real name as you say .... name is not what matters .. but the intention and my intention is not wrong ....